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For companies who want to generate new revenue and boost customer loyalty by providing their customers with a custom-branded, fun, interactive user experience, we offer you Interplay, L4 Mobile's end-to-end contest, game, and rewards management platform.

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  • Easy to Implement Game Templates — Interplay offers a robust selection of pre-developed games to choose from, all off the shelf and completely rebranded for your company. Choose between games like Match and Win, Scratch Off, Slot Machine, Shake to Win, and more.
  • YOU'VE GOT GAME Algorithms — Interplay comes pre-packaged with the built-in intelligence needed to select winners based on statistically calculated odds.
  • Affinity for Infinity — Every successful affinity program encourages a customer to buy frequently, to increase the amount they spend each time and concentrate all or more of their related purchases on your brand. Interplay's Points Tracking Affinity Programs are no different, allowing customers to accumulate points by interacting with your products and services, repetitively.
  • Managing Ts and Cs — Important to any game, contest or sweepstakes is the prominent display of standard Terms and Conditions. Interplay allows you to quickly upload your own Ts and Cs into our system, and allows mobile users to easily access the information throughout the gaming process.
  • Just the Way You Like It — Interplay offers a complete custom branding gaming solution. Using a web-based console that is easy to use, Interplay customers simply choose a contest type, add their custom branding, and configure the game settings to their unique specifications.
  • On Your Mark, Get Set — Go at your own pace. Interplay allows you to set your own campaign duration (from start to finish), using Interplay's web-based console to manage and configure your games and rewards programs.
  • And the Winner Is — Interplay's statistical algorithms and tools are designed to select winners for games fairly and accurately. Our system automatically verifies the participant's eligibility to win and ensures that there is only one winner for every "time stamp".
  • Derive Value from Usage Report Data — Interplay uses built-in reporting and analytics to measure the success of your campaigns, identify customer behavior patterns, or track each contest participant. Discover where your customers spent their time and which promotions were most effective. Collect contact information, device data, historical data and eligibility status of each participant. All player usage data can be searched, segmented, and exported into a .csv file for easy important to a CRM or associated marketing system.
  • TAG You're It! — Interplay supports the scanning of Microsoft TAG custom-branded 2D barcodes to connect and engage people for a greater user experience. Here's how TAG codes are used to create "Scan-to-Win" types of contests:
    • Scan to Enter — Use Microsoft TAGs to deliver clues to a sweepstakes prize or encourage participants to enter a drawing to win awards.
    • Scan to Play — Place Microsoft TAGs on printed collateral or promotional signage to encourage participants to play interactive games, such as Match and Win, Scratch Off, Slot Machine, and Shake to Win.
    • Scan to Hunt — Encourage repeat customer engagement by inviting them to participate in special events such as scavenger hunts. Ask participants to return to your store each week to find TAGs; or scan them once a day for a chance to win a big prize.
    • Scan for Rewards — Strengthen the bond between your company and your best customers. Reward loyal customers with special discounts, "secret sales," or have them scan TAGs and codes to earn points that can be redeemed for rewards.

The Interplay platform helps customers form a deep connection with your brand using their smartphones. From daily games to monthly sweepstakes and rewards programs, Interplay is a complete system that encourages customers to Enter, Play, Hunt and Collect Rewards — each time repeatedly connecting with your brand.

You can plan on Interplay working for you long after the initial customer engagement. Results have shown that over 65% of customers use Interplay-powered applications at least once a week, and 15% use the applications daily. As a result, L4 Mobile customers have generated millions of dollars of incremental sales. If you're interested in adopting a new application whose pre-integrated algorithms, game templates, web-based management console and reporting capabilities accelerate time-to-market fast, let the games begin with Interplay.

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